New Burner Equipment

HPSA Tuyère Rotary Kiln Burner

The HPSA Tuyère concept derives from a time-honoured technique that combines an air swirl effect with an Eddy Plate. This arrangement enables the formation of strong recirculation eddies, which entrain fuel volatiles immediately in front of the burner tip and ensure superior flame stability, even in a cold kiln.

The HPSA Tuyère burner develops a fuel-rich flame near the burner tip, downstream of the Eddy Plate.  The design of the Eddy Plate helps shield the flame from overpowering excessive airflow affects, yet allows sufficient airflow to be in contact with the fuel to develop and sustain combustion.  The absence of an abundance of oxygen during the early stages of combustion impedes Fuel NOx formations.  Avoiding strong turbulence at the very root of the flame minimizes undesirable local high temperature peaks, which influence Thermal NOx formations.

The adjustability of the burner tip components enables flame-shaping adjustments to be effected.  Flame-shaping flexibility is further enhanced by the ability to adjust the location of the Eddy Plate.

Flame shape is of utmost importance to achieve the desired kiln process performance.  Improper adjustments can contribute, not only to potential burner damages, but also to production inefficiencies, including kiln refractory lining breakdown, which would result in, otherwise avoidable, costly kiln outages.

The HPSA Tuyère burner can be designed to fire Coal, Pet-Coke, Heavy Oil, Waste Oils, and natural gas, separately or in combination.  The burner is fitted with an electric-gas igniter, which is employed as the ignition source to light off the burner.

Existing Burner Repairs And Replacement Parts  

Employing associate burner design knowledge and fabrication expertise, BJUREN Enterprises Ltd. can provide rebuild of burners, as well as, replacement parts for selected exiting burners.  The types of combustion equipment include:


Boiler And Burner Consulting Services

Boiler related consulting services had become a dominant business activity for BJUREN associates, during recent years.  Their services concentrated on providing technical expertise to supervise the commissioning of new boilers, to investigate and resolve boiler/burner problems, to conduct visual boiler inspections, and to optimize combustion performances. 

Consulting services missions included the following: